Our new website has landed.

We’ve now upgraded our website so that it’s more secure and easier to use on mobiles and as well as tablets and PCs. Thanks to Ian Cort of CortRoom Consulting for making what appeared a formidable task feel easy. Now all we have to do is keep it up to date! As ever suggestions welcome for improving its content and appearance. Please send suggestions to

January 2024

  • After three rehearsals the Kyrie that opens the Nelson Mass for our next concert is starting to feel familiar, and our director Clara sent us home humming the Quoniam tu souls sanctus. Or something like it anyway, showing the danger of thinking you’ve memorised something when you haven’t really learnt it properly. But as Clara said, although the Mass seems quite difficult in parts it’s also very singable and has got a few ear-worms in it. Next week, 30 January, we’ll be moving on to the Credo, once we’ve decided which version we’ll use of the two we’ve got. It makes us look at the scores closely!
  • Rehearsal 2 on 16 January went ahead despite snow and ice, and despite a few absences. We looked again at the Nelson Mass, in particular the opening Kyrie sections and Quoniam tu solus Sanctus.
  • Our first rehearsal on Tuesday 9 January went well. Twenty nine of us turned up including several new members as well as some returnees. All very welcome. We started learning the Kyrie and Gloria from the Nelson Mass. It’s as good a place to start as any, but we’re also awaiting a few more copies of the Te Deum to make sure that everyone has one before we start on that.
  • We are looking to improve the appearance of our website. It could do with a fresh look but the failure of our webhost has focussed us on the issue. Our old domain name,, went off-line for a spell and it hasn’t got a security certificate anyway. So we registered the domain name, complete with security certificate with the generous help of Ian Cort of Cortroom Consulting. Thanks to him and to soprano Beatrice who put us in touch with him.
  • Bad news – soprano Darcy is taking a break from the choir. Good news – Darcy will be back in the summer! Having checked her commitments over the next few months she realised that something had to give. And unfortunately for us, but understandably, the Philharmonic has turned out to be that something. Still, at least for a while there’ll be one less bicycle competing for parking space in the vestibule before rehearsals!