… because we expect choir members to turn up to most rehearsals, even though as a matter of principle we do not audition new members before they join us. As in any learning situation, consistent attendance pays dividends. It also saves our music director having to repeat herself too much, so long as we all pay attention and make notes on our scores (in soft pencil only!). That said, we’re only human, of course, and we all have a few other things going on in our lives that have to come first on occasion.

And please turn up on time!

It helps if we all arrive promptly, ready and eager to warm up and sing at 7.30pm. It’s surprising how quickly 90 minutes of rehearsal can fly past! If you’re unavoidably late, don’t let that put you off turning up, of course.

Next Rehearsal

21st May:  7:30 pm - 9:00 pm

Rehearsal 5/9

St Paul's Church, Wilmslow Road
Withington, M20 4AW